Facility Monitoring

Building architecture can increase or mitigate the risk of an incident or accident. Because most incidents of sexual behavior occur in private, the extent to which privacy is managed, risk is managed. Before committing to the usage of a space, YMCA leadership and Risk Management team members should review the space to identify potential areas of concern as it relates to abuse risk management. Areas of concern should be identified and equipped with a plan to mitigate any risks that are presented.

All YMCA locations have a Manager on Duty team member who is directly responsible for the care and protection of the facility and those within the YMCA location. Regular rounds should be conducted to ensure that all spaces are free from harm and that appropriate precautions are taken by those that are allowing access into the facility.

Index: M8, M25


M8. The organization has a standardized system for monitoring consumers in the facility.


M25. The organization systematically identifies and manages where architecture may compromise supervision.

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