General Supervision

1. Administrative and supervisory visits to youth programs - Our supervisors and administrators use scheduled and random observations of all programs, program locations and buildings; engage in spontaneous and scheduled conversations with employees, volunteers and consumers; conduct group and individual supervision and training meetings; and review program documentation, to ensure that safety standards are always in place.

2. Ratios - Each program will follow the ratio requirements that are directly related to the goals of the program and the design of the program area. The staff or volunteer-to-youth ratio should be adjusted for programs that serve youth with special needs. Refer to local licensing requirements and general best practice guidelines for establishing adult-to-youth ratios through the Ohio Department of Job & Family services and/or American Camp Association.

3. The ratios listed below are required for all licensed child care programs. 4. Mixed Age Groups - In most incidents involving one youth abusing another youth, the youth are from different age groups. Each program is responsible for establishing specific guidelines for additional monitoring and supervision of activities that involve youth from different age groups. Staff and volunteers must be aware that close line of sight supervision is required when monitoring programs that mix age groups.

Index: M11, M5


M5. The organization requires programs to adhere to specific adult-to-consumer ratios.


M11. The organization requires employees and volunteers to adhere to established methods for monitoring and supervising one-on-one interactions with consumers.

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