The YMCA’s Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Employees and Volunteers

All employees and volunteers must follow state specific mandatory reporting requirements. Employees and volunteers must be trained to be aware of and understand their legal and ethical obligation to recognize and report suspicions of mistreatment and abuse. Employees and volunteers will:

1. be familiar with the symptoms of abuse and neglect, including physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse;

2. know and follow organization policies and procedures that protect against abuse;

3. report suspected abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities as required by state mandated reporter laws; and

4. follow up to ensure that appropriate action has been taken.

Employees and volunteers will read and sign the Code of Conduct documenting employee’s or volunteer’s understanding of the legal and ethical duty to report suspected mistreatment or abuse.

Index: P12


P12. The organization has a policy stating that it takes every allegation of abuse seriously and that it will cooperate fully with the authorities. 

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