Abuse Prevention Policies & Procedures

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Policies define the bandwidth of acceptable behavior in an organization. Because offenders often violate policies to gain access to youth, when staff know and understand policies, they can identify, interrupt, and report policy violations. Simply interrupting a policy violation can prevent a false allegation of abuse or put an offender on notice that no one works in private, the rules apply to everyone, and violations will be detected.

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P1. The organization has a policy prohibiting the abuse or mistreatment of consumers.


P2. The organization has a policy prohibiting abuse or mistreatment of one consumer by another consumer.


P3. The organization annually reviews all abuse prevention policies for relevance, utility, and necessity and modifies as appropriate.


P4. The organization requires all employees and volunteers to sign a statement indicating that they have read and agree to comply with all organization policies upon hire and annually.


P11. The organization has a policy prohibiting the access, display, production, possession, or distribution of pornography on the organization's property or equipment.

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