Suggestions or Concerns

At the YMCA, we believe that our members and program participants have valuable thoughts and insights to share regarding our operations. Accordingly, we encourage the free sharing of suggestions, concerns, and/or questions about our policies, personnel, and/or other matters impacting your experience or the safety of others. 

In general, the best person initially to bring opinions, suggestions, concerns, and/or questions to is the Executive Director of the Branch you attend. You can contact your Branch Executive by calling the branch you attend. 

However, if the concerns relate to the Branch Executive or if the Branch Executive Director did not fully address the matter, members and program participants may use the Contact Us page to direct their opinions, suggestions, concerns, and/or questions directly to the Senior Vice President of Operations. 

To remedy concerns that appear to have been ignored or unresolved after initial reporting, utilize the formal procedure above. This process provides a timely, thorough, and objective investigation of the following concerns:

  • Inappropriate Behavior by Employees/Volunteers 
  • Inappropriate Behavior by Members or Program Participants
  • Retaliation
  • Whistleblower Complaints

Index: I1, I2, I3.


I1. The organization provides employees and volunteers with a grievance procedure


I2. The organization provides parents/guardians with a grievance procedure.


I3. The organization provides consumers with a grievance procedure.

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