Written Complaint Required For Formal Process

Verbal complaints are encouraged, particularly for issues that may be easily and expeditiously resolved, but a written complaint is required to initiate this formal process. To ensure a timely and effective response, complaints should include the following information to the fullest extent possible: 

  1. The name(s) of individual(s) involved
  2. The date(s) the behavior occurred
  3. The name(s) of any known witness(es)
  4. A summary of the conduct meriting the complaint including: 
    1. The behavior complained of and/or the alleged policy
    2. Direct quotes when relevant and available
    3. Any relevant documentation
  5. The remedy sought by the individual making the complaint

Index: I1, I2, I3


I1. The organization provides employees and volunteers with a grievance procedure


I2. The organization provides parents/guardians with a grievance procedure.


I3. The organization provides consumers with a grievance procedure.

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